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Shoutbox Ideas was created by Lodder
We are currently developing a component to go with the our popular Shoutbox which will have many more features, making it easier to manage it.

So far, the backend component includes the following:

- Shout History, showing an overview of all the shouts made and allowing you to delete or edit them.
- Banning, showing all the banned users and the option to manually add and delete them.
- Swear Filter, listing all the filtered words and allowing you to add more or remove any.
- CSS sheet, giving you the chance to customize the shoutbox to your own liking..
- Emotion Manager, allowing you to upload, add and remove smilies for the shoutbox.
- Update Notifications, notifies you the latest release and if an update is needed.

We will also most likely be making this Ajax based to prevent page refreshing!!

If you have any feature requests for the component or module, please share them with us below, as we would like to make this as user friendly as possible.

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