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8 years 2 days ago #75 by saxonss
module Teamspeak was created by saxonss
Hello I wonder if you could create the meme type of module to integrate a teamspeak in code like this here or add a link to additional exciting module (jj Social Slider)

Sorry for my english, I'm french


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8 years 1 day ago - 8 years 1 day ago #76 by Lodder
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Hi Saxonss,

Thank you for your suggestion. so you basically want the teamspeak viewer module in JJ Social Slider format so that when you hover over the icon, it expands?

This is a good idea, however currently, we are working hard on our next shoutbox update, and also another new extension - which means - unfortunately we don't have the time in the short term to work on such a project. However we will bear this request in mind in the future! If this is an emergency for your site there are several other sliders available in the JED store which may give you the capability to do this as well!

Kind Regards,
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