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7 months 4 days ago #4479 by MadKiwi
Praise & A Question was created by MadKiwi
Hi C Lodder
It's been about a month now & I've really enjoyed working with your Lightning Template
I can't praise it enough, it's great that Joomla 4 now has an override system &
an easy way to copy (via a Parent Template file) makes Joomla 4 great

Lightning easy-to-follow coding & Hiq CSS makes it even better,
anyway - I'm currently adding credits to my site & you are certainly on the list!.

I'm keen to try your UIKit - but I see it's not ready for Joomla 4 yet
but I follow your GitHub updates for your Templates (Admin -Dark, Lighting)
& I see you are always busy improving things + offering great support or
advice ...

I'm looking forward to seeing your UIKit come available for Joomla 4
Whenever that may be (as you certainly keep busy) as that would complement
not only your Templates but Joomla 4 (and there is not much choice of 4 Templates)

Keep up the Awesome Work

- SS

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7 months 1 day ago #4480 by Lodder
Replied by Lodder on topic Praise & A Question
Hi MadKiwi,

The UIKit HTML Editor extension uses UIKit v2, which is no longer supported and unfortunately they didn't support the editor in UIKit v3.

I don't think I'll be upgrading this extension to support Joomla 4, as it will pretty much be a custom rewrite.


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6 months 4 weeks ago - 6 months 4 weeks ago #4489 by MadKiwi
Replied by MadKiwi on topic Praise & A Question
Fair enough ,

I was just reading some of the latest Accessibility option changes on Git Hub
and I can see that sometimes trying to change something (say the Accessibility options)
can then create conflicts & issues with other aspects of the code,
so I can completely understand why its not compatible ,

Anyway I thought the Question was worth a shot (at the time),
- as I was using JCE editor I did not realize until I changed it (after this Original post)
that the native codemirror editor works just as well (after playing around with it)
so I agree there is no point in reinventing or trying to re-invent the wheel so to speak.

Keep up the great work on the Admin (dark theme) & Lightning Template :)
(and any other plates you have spinning )

- Sharn (aka M4dKiwi following you on Git Hub as I always see you busy making improvements)
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