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Will you help test? was created by Lodder
Dear all users,

As some of you might know from reading the forum, some users have issue with viewing the icons on the Social Slider. This is due to AdBlocker. We believe it's due to the names we've given to the icons, therefore we need to change them to prevent this problem.

Before changing the names of the icons completely which would mean more or less a massive code change in the module, I would like to try a small change in the icon names first.

Currently, we at JoomJunk are not able to replicate the problem with AdBlocker, therefore I am asking if there is anyone out there who has had this problem that will be willing to test the small change to see if it fixes the issue?
If so then please reply below.

The test will take 1 minute, simply to see if the icon displays or not.

Kind regards,

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