Social Images is a very simple social media Joomla module designed by JoomJunk


You can add some pretext to the module in the pretext field to display some follow us text optionally. If this field is left empty nothing will show. You can also choose the alignment of the pretext to be either left, right or centerally aligned.

Social Icons

After this for each of the available fields (facebook, twitter, myspace, youtube, google+, flickr, digg, RSS) you need to choose to show the icon and enter an appropriate URL for your social media profile.


JoomJunk is no longer actively designing new social media icons for this module as it was succeeded by the JoomJunk Social Slider. However we still provide support for this module on our forums and will fix new bugs.


Translations for this module are always gratefully received - you can submit these to our email or via the forum. We will always give appropriate credit to submitted translations.