Today we removed some extensions from JoomJunk

Both the Kunena and JDownloads quick icons had been on JoomJunk since it's very first days nearly one and a half years ago however since then we've found them to be fairly unpopular by the Joomla! community. Therefore we have taken the decision to remove them from our site permanently so we can focus on building bigger and better extensions.


We have also taken the decision to remove the SWFUpload extension from Joomla - it has become very hard to support - largely because of a number of flash issues myself and Charlie have limited experience with!!

Whilst things have been quiet here recently - Charlie has taken up a new job which he is busy with and George has been contributing several new features into the upcoming Joomla 3.2 release - we are hopeful that a couple of major extensions will both be released in the not too distant future. We hope you understand the reasoning behind our decision to remove these 3 extensions from our website and continue to use JoomJunk Extensions on your website!

George and Charlie

JoomJunk Admins.