We're pleased to announce 1.4.2 of the shoutbox is released fixing a bug reported by several users with the date of displayed post when users have different time zones set to the Joomla default!

Thanks for supporting the issues and please keep referring any further issues to the JoomJunk team via email or forum!

With the release of our new site now complete we have much more time to focus on updating our extensions. This said, there will however be some minor tweaks that will need making to the site.

The Social Slider Pro module is coming along nicely with some cool new features and optimization, making it much easier to customize. If you don't know already, we will also be adding a big icon pack in addition to the icons that are already supported, which saves you the effort of having to make your own icons for custom slides.

The Accordion has recently been updated with the biggest bug that we faced which was having multiple instances of the module on 1 page, which is now possible. We've also worked on another version of the accordion which is a lighter version of the current one and utilizes Joomla's built in Bootstrap package. This will be an optional download and Joomla 3.x compatible only.

We will be releasing an update for our Sponsors module in the next couple of days. This update fixes the issue with having multiple instances and has been majorly optimized, removing more than 100 lines of unnecessary code.

There will also be a Shoutbox update within the next day or two which fixes the time that the shout was posted in different timezones, along with some other minor tweaks.

As always, should you have any questions, support requests or feature requests, please feel free to post a comment on the forum or send us an email.

The JoomJunk Team


We're proud to release version 1.4.0 of the Social Slider.

We have finally added the new feature that has been requested by a lot of users - changing the ordering of the slides. This can now be achieved in the Other Setting tab when editing the module. The ordering uses a jQuery plugin allowing you to easily maneuver each one. A lot of coding improvements have also been made, primarily where there slides are displayed.

We're proud to announce after a lot of time and effort our new website! It's more up to date, faster and fully responsive. We've completely revamped everything on our site, basically started from scratch and built our own new template based on the UIKit. Every module and component you see on here has been fully customized to fit it perfectly with our design, including the forum.

Today we removed some extensions from JoomJunk

Both the Kunena and JDownloads quick icons had been on JoomJunk since it's very first days nearly one and a half years ago however since then we've found them to be fairly unpopular by the Joomla! community. Therefore we have taken the decision to remove them from our site permanently so we can focus on building bigger and better extensions.