Today JoomJunk is proud to show off our redesigned forum which we've put substancial work into recently. It's now fully responsive so you can post all your queries and issues from your mobile phone with ease. We hope you find it a significant improvement on the old forum design!

We are aware that on mobiles there are still areas for improvement and we anticipate making these over the coming weeks as things bed in.

Today JoomJunk is proud to announce the release of the AJAX Shoutbox. This is a large improvement from early versions of the shoutbox as it stops the page refreshing on submitting the shout and allows the shouts to automatically refresh in live time.

Upgrading from the original version of the shoutbox is straightforward and can be done through the Joomla Updater. Note however that template overrides will need to be substancially modified. You can find more information about that in our documentation: Upgrading the shoutbox.

If you find any bugs or issues on your site as a result of this upgrade please post on the forum!

We're pleased to announce 1.4.2 of the shoutbox is released fixing a bug reported by several users with the date of displayed post when users have different time zones set to the Joomla default!

Thanks for supporting the issues and please keep referring any further issues to the JoomJunk team via email or forum!

This year has been slightly more quiet for JoomJunk as lots of our products became more stable and needed less regular bug fixes. However behind the scenes things have been as busy as ever:

  • We have a new shoutbox release planned early in the new year that will introduce AJAX functionality that has long been asked for (you can see the latest in progress code at
  • We have released the Social Slider Pro module with extra functionality to help us pay for the costs of the server we host JoomJunk on.
  • We have rebuilt our frontend template and are working on a new responsive forum template for the site which we hope will be out in February/March.
  • Released a variety of bug fixes and feature improvements for our extensions over the year.

As is usual over the Christmas and new year period the forum will be closed and emails will not be replied to between December 24th and January 2nd.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

George and Charlie.

With the release of our new site now complete we have much more time to focus on updating our extensions. This said, there will however be some minor tweaks that will need making to the site.

The Social Slider Pro module is coming along nicely with some cool new features and optimization, making it much easier to customize.